29 Best Gadgets in 2023, Tested by Our Gear Editors

Gadgets make great gifts for guys. There’s just something attractive about a tech gadget that looks cool and has a unique function. The issue is that there are tons of gadgets out there that fall flat once you actually see them in person. To help shift through the sea of ​​gadgets out there, I’m bringing you a timely list of the best gadgets I tested in 2023.

The best gadgets I tried this year span across multiple categories, including but not limited to: fitness, everyday carry, travel, sleep, kitchen, and more. What’s cool is a lot of these gadgets are on sale right now, so you can scoop them up as a tech gift, an outdoor gift, or a stocking stuffer on the low.

Top Gadgets of 2023 Shortlist

Keep in mind this list is more visual for inspiration and discovery, so I’ve only gone in-depth on my absolute favorite picks at the end of this article. (If you want a more detailed review of all our favorite gadgets, then look to our Men’s Health Tech Awards and our long list of gadget roundups in our Technology & Gear section, sorted by specific categories.) Ready to see the list?

Best Gadgets Tested in 2023

The Voltrx Electric Protein Shaker Bottle has been my favorite fitness gadget. My post-workout protein shakes instantly became much easier and faster to make. The electric spinner that attaches to the bottom is strong (and waterproof), and still several months later I’ve only needed to charge the battery once.

In terms of useful everyday technology, the Peak Design Mobile Tripod with the Everyday Case has been my go-to pairing for my phone. I’ve had zero damage issues on phone drops with the Everyday Case. The case also looks great, and the textured surface keeps my phone from getting all slimy and gross. The Mobile Tripod is thin and fits into my jeans with ease. I’ll use the tripod to place my phone in vertical orientation so I can surf Spotify when working, and horizontal orientation when watching sports through my YouTube TV app.

For travel gadgets, the ESR Kickstand Power Bank and the Evergoods Civic Access Pouch 2L have been essential for flying. The ESR power bank has kept my phone fully powered for movies and TV during long flights, and the built-in kickstand of course gives me simple viewing on the tray table. My Access Pouch from Evergoods has turned into my media bag, where I keep my phone, smartwatch, and laptop chargers; as well as my wireless mouse, power banks, and any other odds-and-ends media. The pouch is seriously tough and sturdy—much better than a traditional packing cube—and fits neatly into my travel backpack.

And on the sleep gadgets front, I’ve really taken a liking to the Hatch Restore 2 Sunrise Alarm Clock—most notable because of its ability to customize the strength and color of the sunrise light in the morning. I also enjoy the Restore 2 for its ability to put on sounds at night for a set amount of time. I did ocean waves for 10 minutes, and I’ve found it really has helped settle me down and move me into a fast sleep.

Ok I lied, one more gadget: my biggest game changer gadget. This product revolves around sleep too, and I’m working on a dedicated review of it right now as we speak. It’s the Eight Sleep Pod 3 Cover, and it has done wonders on my sleep the past month. From keeping my bed temperature regulated to staying cool; to then heating in the morning so I have a smoother rise; to track the quality of my sleep every night; the Pod 3 Cover has helped me get optimize my sleep so I can feel rested stepping around NYC every day. It’s my most expensive gadget on my list here, but really the overall investment is priceless if you struggle with sleep or are wanting to optimize your overall health further.

Hopefully this list has provided a great overview of what to look for here as we wrap up the year. Score a couple of these for yourself, and then a handful as gifts for friends and loved ones.

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