BenQ Launches World’s First Programming Monitor RD240Q | TechNews

BenQ has launched the RD240Q, the world’s first monitor designed specifically for programmers. Priced at ₹31,990, the RD240Q features a 24.1-inch WQXGA display, advanced coding modes, and eye-care technologies, enhancing productivity and comfort for developers.

BenQ Launches RD240Q: World’s First Programming Monitor with Advanced Coding Features

Key Highlights

  • BenQ unveils the RD240Q, the world’s first monitor designed specifically for programmers.
  • The RD240Q features a 24.1-inch WQXGA display and unique 16:10 aspect ratio for optimal coding.
  • BenQ’s RD240Q includes advanced coding modes and eye-care technology for enhanced productivity.

New Delhi: BenQ, has unveiled the RD240Q, marking the launch of the RD Series — the world’s first range of monitors specifically designed for programmers and developers. This innovative monitor is packed with features tailored to enhance coding productivity and comfort.

Features Designed for Coders

The RD240Q boasts a 24.1-inch WQXGA display with a unique 16:10 aspect ratio, allowing developers to see more lines of code on the screen. This is complemented by BenQ’s Fine-Coated Panel, which includes advanced anti-glare and anti-reflective properties to provide a comfortable coding environment in various lighting conditions.

Key Features at a Glance

Features Description
Aspect Ratio 16:10, ideal for displaying more lines of code
Resolution WQXGA (2560 x 1600) with 95% P3 for excellent visual clarity
Panel Fine-Coated anti-glare, anti-reflective panel with EyeCare
Coding Mode Enhances text clarity for light and dark themes
Night Hours Protection Includes auto brightness intelligence for eye comfort
Additional Features KVM switches, multi-stream transport, and productivity software suite
Ergonomics Adjustable stand options and built from recycled materials

Rajeev Singh, Managing Director of BenQ India and South Asia, emphasized the monitor’s user-centric design: “With its versatile programming-centric design, exceptional clarity, and thoughtful eye care and comfort features, the RD series empowers experienced developers to navigate seamlessly through various coding tasks while maintaining a focused state of clear thinking.”

Enhanced Productivity and Comfort

BenQ’s proprietary coding mode is a standout feature, enhancing text clarity to make code more distinguishable in different environments. The monitor also includes a Coding HotKey, designed to help programmers achieve a focused state, thus boosting productivity.

The RD240Q’s Night Hours Protection technology is a boon for developers who work late hours. It combines minimal brightness settings, an eye-care filter, dark room optimization, and Brightness Intelligence Gen2, which adjusts the screen brightness according to the ambient lighting.

Pricing and Availability

The BenQ RD240Q is priced at ₹31,990 and is expected to be available by late May 2024. Interested buyers can pre-order the monitor exclusively at the BenQ E-store. It will also be available on Amazon and at leading gadget and IT retailers.