Google Play backed up for most users after global outage

Google Play Store, the official app store on Android smartphones is currently down for many users across the world. Both app and the web version of Google Play Store is inaccessible for sometimes and over 2,500 people have reported the same on the Downdetector platform. As of now, there is no official comment on what caused this outage.

The issue seems to be specific to select users. While some users can access it without any issue, others have an issue accessing the Play Store on both mobile and web browsers. Similarly, some users can update the installed apps from the “My Apps” section while they cannot access the home page of the Google Play Store.

The service was up for many users momentarily. However, several users still cannot access the service and the company is yet to comment on the same.

Google Play Store Google Play Store error as seen on an Android phone.

In some cases, a quick smartphone restart seems to fix the issue. Again, this is not working for everyone.

Playstore The Google Play Store website is also down.

It looks like Google Play Store is now working for most users with reports on Twitter and Downdetector suggesting the same.

Google play store down detector Recent reports suggest Google fixed the problem. (Image Source: Downdetector)

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