Lebong Police Hold a Lato-Lato Contest to Beat Gadget Addiction

Lebong Police Instagram screenshot

BENGKULU – The Lato-lato game is currently viral. Not only children, toys with the characteristics of pitting two balls are also played by adults.

Seeing the positive developments, the Lebong Police took the initiative to hold a special lato-lato competition for children around the Police Headquarters.

“We see the positive side of this traditional game where many parents are now worried that their children are more fun playing gadgets,” said the Lebong Police Chief AKBP. Awilzan through Ps Head of Subsidy PIDM Sie Humas Lebong Police AIPDA Syaiful Anwar.

Syaiful said this game had a positive impact by keeping children away from gadget addiction. Traditional lato-lato games are considered to be able to increase social interaction in children.

“This game can reduce children’s addiction to gadgets and increase social interaction among children,” he said in a video uploaded to the official Lebong Police Instagram account, Tuesday (03/01/2023).

In addition, by holding the lato-lato competition, it can raise the spirit of sportsmanship for every child in competing and accept defeat with grace.

During the lato-lato competition, the officers also sent messages to each child not to commit juvenile delinquency, such as fighting or bullying their peers.

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