MapmyIndia launches Mappls Gadgets for cars, two-wheelers – Car News

MapmyIndia has introduced a first-of-its-kind Navisor for two-wheelers, providing navigation cues on the rider’s helmet in their peripheral vision.

MapmyIndia today announced the launch of its new line of Mappls Gadgets for cars and two-wheelers including advanced vehicle GPS trackers, dash cameras, in-dash Navitainment systems and Smart Helmet kits.

Mappls Gadgets are available for sale via the company’s official website as well as offline through approved genuine accessory showrooms of various OEMs. The items can be shipped and installed pan India, with prices ranging from Rs 4,990 to Rs 38,990.

Users of Mappls Gadgets can access the various features and benefits through the Mappls App, which can be downloaded free from, and works on Android, iOS, Android Auto and Carplay, and can also be accessed for free on the web from the company’s website.

Speaking at the launch, “MapmyIndia has been at the forefront of digitally and geospatially transforming India and enhancing people’s lives since 1995 and continues to provide state-of-the-art, best-in-class and first-in-class products & technologies which delivers innumerable benefits to users and customers.

Mappls Advanced GPS Vehicle Trackers

Mappls’ range of Vehicle Tracking Systems comes in four variants and allows consumers to seamlessly track their vehicles, assets, and loved ones at all times, allowing them utmost peace of mind knowing that they will remain safe on the road.

Mappls ICENAV 7216
Mappls ICENAV 7216

Paired with the free Mappls Super App, the trackers offer users the real-time location of assets or vehicles, geofencing alerts, overspeeding and undue stoppage alarms, daily distance traveled and trip replay, ignition on/off alerts, and driving behavior, among many other features.

Mappls’ Gadgets Vehicle Trackers can be deep-installed (fixed into one vehicle), or plug-and-play (portable and hence, easily shareable across multiple vehicles), as per user requirements. The product line is priced between Rs 4,490 to Rs 12,990, as per product features, subscription model and warranty.

Mappls Dash Cameras

Mappls CarEye is a dash camera that is a comprehensive and personalized safety, tracking, telematics and surveillance system that provides real-time video visibility and insight into vehicle performance and challenging road situations. The product gives the user the opportunity to watch live video-streaming of both the front view and cabin view of their car anytime and from anywhere in the world, through the Mappls Super App.

A single unit with a dual camera, CarEye analyzes driver behavior and can detect harsh acceleration, braking, cornering, and overspeeding. CarEye can also monitor the real-time location of your car through live vehicle tracking and trip replay details on the Mappls App. Other features of CarEye include geofencing, ignition detection, and immobilisation, among many others. Mappls CarEye is priced at Rs 23,990.

Mappls In-Dash Navitainment Systems

In addition to safety, keeping travelers engaged and focused is also imperative. Huge traffic snarls or long driving hours tend to make mobility distracting and wasteful, which in turn can have drastic implications due to the lack of concentration on the road.

To address the situation, MapmyIndia Mappls has developed the best-in-class Integrated and Connected Entertainment & Navigation Systems (ICENAV Systems) with two variants – ICENAV 7464 and ICENAV 7216. Mappls Navitainment Systems are integrated into the dashboard and offer features such as steering wheel control, video output capability to replicate head unit media stream on rear seat monitors, and Rear View AHD Camera support for a seamless driving experience.

The products also come equipped with Android-based OS and compatibility with both CarPlay and Android Auto, allowing the driver to stay connected while on the go. Users also experience uninterrupted entertainment with Full HD 1080p Media Playback support, 9″ or 10″ IPS Crystal Clear Display, High-Quality Audio Output, and Smartphone Mirror Link connectivity.

Finally, ICENAV offers an unparalleled navigation experience to consumers through NaviMaps – offline navigation with live traffic updates, and Mappls App; which offers house-level maps, 3D and RealView mapping, Junction View, speed camera and traffic alerts, speed breaker and pothole alerts, and more.

ICENAV 7464 comes in two size variants: 9 inches and 10 inches, priced at INR 37,990 and INR 38,990, respectively. This elite Android-based audio, video, offline, and online navigation system has 64 GB of internal memory, compatibility with CarPlay and Android Auto, a built-in Play Store, WiFi Hotspot, and more.

The Navitainment product line also includes ICENAV 7216, a premium Android-based audio, video, offline, and online navigation system integrated with the Mappls app and with a built-in Play Store, WiFi Hotspot, and more. This also has two size variants of 9 and 10 inches, has 16 GB internal memory, and is priced at INR 23,990 and INR 24,990, respectively.

Mappls ICENAV Navitainment Systems thus serve as the perfect companion to your car to make it the best, most optimal version of itself.

Mappls Smart Helmet Kits (Navisor & Navaudio)

A significant percentage of India’s population relies on two-wheelers for intracity and intercity commutes, for personal or professional use. Riders of these two-wheelers, the motorcyclists and bikers, often use phone mounts on their bikes for navigation, causing them to take their eyes off the road.

Mappls Navisor

As this can be extremely dangerous for riders, Mappls developed the revolutionary, first-of-its-kind and only such product in the Indian market, Smart Helmet Kits– Navisor and Navaudio.

When combined with the Mappls Super App, Navisor and Navaudio, help users transform their existing helmet into a smart one through hands-free visual LED cues and audio navigation which helps the rider keep their eyes on the road and make their rides safe and hassle-free free.

Navisor is a helmet mount that utilizes Augmented Reality technology to provide visual navigation cues (based on Mappls App directions) to 2-wheeler riders. Developed as an alternative to distractive phone mounts, Navisor includes other features for a safer and smoother ride such as Crash Detection and SOS sensor, auto-brightness and all-weather visibility, Bluetooth 5.0 technology, a battery life of up to 12 hours, and more.

Early Bird Pricing for Navisor and Navaudio is Rs 2,990 (~50% off MRP); the combo of the two products is priced at Rs 5,490 (down from Rs 9,990).