Neuro Linguistic Programming: Mental health veterans therapy fear

Prof Neil Greenberg, co-director of the Academic Center for Defense Mental Health at Kings College London, said: “If this group is not medically qualified and doesn’t know a person’s entire treatment history, because they haven’t got that, that could cause some real problems, it could be quite dangerous.”

Healing the Wounds says it is collecting data to prove its treatment is effective, but Prof Greenberg says unless NLP is subjected to what are known as randomized clinical trials it cannot be established as an appropriate treatment for PTSD.

He added: “NLP has not been investigated by proper scientific trials to show it works.

“The key point is, just because someone feels good at the end of the session, there is no guarantee they’ll feel good in the future.

“And given the fact we know psychological therapies have the potential to harm we need to do those trails.”

The program also discovered that regulators had investigated the qualifications of a counselor who had falsely been described as a clinical psychologist and a paramedic while helping vulnerable veterans for the charity.

John Yandle from Blaenavon claims Healing The Wounds did not check his qualifications before he began counseling people with PTSD who had turned to it for help.

The Health and Care Professions Council which polices the appropriate use of job titles including paramedic and clinical psychologist has ordered him not to use the titles in the future.