New RotoEdge Pro Software Streamlines Scheduling, Machine Planning For Worldwide Molding And Plastics Manufacturers

RotoEdge Pro in action in a Rotomolding Plant.

RotoEdge Pro can be utilized anywhere in a Rotomolding Plant operation.

RotoEdge Pro in action scheduling customer product production.

RotoEdge Pro helps Rotomolders increase margins, track customer projects and reduce scrap.

RotoEdge Pro 2.0 Software delivers real-time plant and machine scheduling, detailed productivity updates and customer order info for improved rotomolder revenue

“RotoEdge Pro creates real-time revenue. It gives rotomolders the real-time machine, team and worksite productivity data to make immediate decisions that increase margins and output, and reduce scrap.”

— Jonathan Smalley, RotoEdge CEO

VANCOUVER, WA, UNITED STATES, May 20, 2024 / — RotoEdge, the developer of market-leading applications that provides planning, scheduling, labor preparations, production management and better inventory control for rotomolding manufacturers, today announced the company launched its new RotoEdge Pro Version 2.0 software.

RotoEdge Pro Version 2.0 Software is faster, easier to use than previous versions, provides real-time capacity and productivity updates by machine, displays the number of products produced by machine or shift, and provides real-time inventory management capability. RotoEdge Pro 2.0 also allows rotational molders to review the progress of any customer order at any time, view the rate and detailed statistics of scrapped production, and prioritize production scheduling by machine or personnel.

These new features help rotational molding companies increase productivity per machine, and increase revenue by reducing scrap (or product mistakes) across every work shift. This provides rotomolding operations hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual savings and revenue.

“Rotomolders are under pressure to increase margins and revenue, and need to move from manual processes and spreadsheets to streamlined scheduling, production and control. RotoEdge Pro delivers the real-time information on production output, order status, margin and production consistency that rotomolders need,” said Jonathan Smalley, RotoEdge CEO. “RotoEdge Pro creates real-time revenue. It gives rotomolders the real-time machine, team and worksite productivity data to make immediate decisions that increase margins and output, reduce scrap, and deliver better products on time.”

Rotomolding: Mistakes are Costly
Operating a rotational molding machine with multiple arms and molds can require time-consuming manual scheduling and order tracking. Most manufacturers have multiple machines and multiple plants. Until now, rotomolders relied on complex spreadsheets, whiteboards and manual updates to track and manage customer orders, machines and even personnel training and production.

Once the manual schedule is completed, the information is handed off to machine operators, with the hope that they will complete the tasks as planned. Plant operators have to constantly check inventory, and “walk the plant” floor to double-check product counts. Over time, this manual process leads to misplaced customer orders and lost production time.

Complex ERP and accounting software applications were not created to manage the rotomolding cross-manufacturing tasks, scheduling, order tracking, resin requirements, labor output and scrap challenges. or productivity measurements. There was not an easy-to-use, quickly-implemented software production system built specifically for their manufacturing challenges.

Until RotoEdge Pro.

RotoEdge Pro Creates Rotomolding Productivity
RotoEdge Pro is the first and only rotomolding-specific scheduling and production control application that solves complex manufacturing challenges. RotoEdge Pro software was developed to solve the problems of paper-based rotomolding scheduling, order tracking, change orders and updates. With RotoEdge Pro, operations managers can track machine productivity, available capacity, non-conforming or scrap product, trends and order status, as well as employee performance – all in real-time.

RotoEdge Pro is a Web-based application that runs securely in Amazon Web Services (AWS). as: real-time machine scheduling, future production planning, order tracking, labor planning, and better inventory control, which allows rotomolding plant management to make fast, data-oriented, revenue-generating decisions.

“Our operations are now driven by the RotoEdge Pro production accounting and we are becoming as efficient as we can be,” said Simon Gough, Company Director, of Australia’s Gough Plastics.

RotoEdge Pro Version 2.0 puts plantwide insight and revenue-building data at an operation’s fingertips – from the touch-screen at the machine to the plant manager’s desktop. The new RotoEdge Pro software also includes expanded international capabilities that allow manufacturers to schedule production across multiple time zones weeks and months in advance, and the ability to request real-time orders of parts to assembly.

“I’d just like to say I love scheduling in the new RotoEdge Pro System,” said Patrick Newlyn, Project Manager of Innovative Rotational Molding. “RotoEdge Pro is a great product.”

Pricing and Availability
RotoEdge Pro Version 2.0 is available now to all current customers. Rotational molding and plastics manufacturers who are interested in a product demonstration, on-site testing or benefits assessment can contact RotoEdge Pro at or Phone at +1-360-882-0410.

About RotoEdge
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RotoEdge Pro helps Rotomolders improve revenue, productivity and customer service.