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With a total supply of 10 billion tokens and a focus on rewarding early contributors, Sui Network will likely conduct an airdrop in the future.

Early Contributors to Get 20% of $SUI Supply

If you missed out on the last Arbitrum airdrop, don’t worry. One project that has been making waves recently is the Sui Network, which is being hailed as the world’s first permissionless Layer 1 blockchain designed from the ground up. Furthermore, Sui raised $300 million from a16z, Coinbase Ventures, and Binance Labs.

With a total supply of 10 billion tokens, the $SUI token serves as the native token of the Sui platform and has four primary purposes: gas fees, staking, governance, and as an underlying asset of the Sui economy.

A total of 20% of the supply will be allocated to early contributors under the $SUI allocation. The team has also clarified that rewarding and distributing SUI tokens to the Sui community will be a top priority.

Sui will also have a Community Access Program, rewarding supporters who help test Sui Apps and promote the platform. Sui’s token allocation will also go to those who are already spreading knowledge about Sui, onboarding developers, and testing and refining their applications.

In this article, we will provide you with a guide on how to get your hands on a potential Sui Network airdrop and become an early contributor to this exciting project. Let’s see how you can increase your chances of having access to a potential $SUI airdrop.

Receive Testnet Tokens

Download and install the Sui Wallet browser extension here. Then, click “Request Testnet $SUI Tokens” on your Sui wallet to receive 0.05 $SUI.

Source: SuiWallet

You can also request more Testnet $SUI tokens through the devnet-faucet channel on Discord. You must join the Sui Discord and go to the “testnet-faucet” section. You can then use the command! faucet “your wallet address” to request more $SUI tokens.

Sui Stake and Earn

Click “Stake & Earn SUI” in your Sui wallet.” Select a validator, stake the amount you want, and click “Stake Now.” It is possible to unstake and withdraw SUI from the same page.

Participate in Sui Testnet Waves

A $SUI token airdrop took place in August 2022 for Sui’s Testnet Wave 1 and Wave 2 validators. There is a possibility of a third testnet “wave.” However, this has not been officially announced yet.

In the meantime, you can follow Sui Network on Twitter for updates on when and if another testnet wave is scheduled.

Play Games and Earn Test Mints

You can visit the Clutchy Gaming and NFT marketplace platforms to increase your chances of receiving an SUI airdrop. Clutchy offers a wide selection of games, including board games, shooters, and puzzles, under the “Games” tab.

Sui Name Service (SuiNS) Domain Registration

Go to the “Apps” tab on your Sui wallet, then click “Sui Name Service (SuiNS). This will take you to the website https://suins.io/, where you can search for names. In addition, you can register a name ending in .sui or .move by clicking “Register Name.” After connecting your Sui wallet, you need to approve the transaction twice.

It’s all about consistency when it comes to airdrops. You need to stay active on-chain, keep up with the updates and repeat the steps weekly/monthly.

However, participating in the Sui Network airdrop seems relatively simple as it only requires interacting with the platform’s wallet or minting Capy NFTs. The Sui Network airdrop presents an exciting opportunity for early contributors to receive a portion of the platform’s total supply of SUI tokens.

What is Sui Network:

Sui is a layer-1 chain with low latency and high throughput. Sui’s instant transaction finality makes it an excellent choice for on-chain use cases such as DeFi and GameFi. Rust, a programming language focused on fast and secure transaction execution, is used to create the blockchain. Solana, another high-speed blockchain, also uses Rust as its programming language.

Learn more about Sui Network:

Website | Twitter | Discord

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