Red Hood’s Ultimate Gadget Made Him Gotham’s Most Overpowered Hero

Jason Todd’s Red Hoods has always been a force in his own right, but one spectacular tech upgrade from an unexpected source turned him into one of DC’s most dangerous heroes in an instant. Todd’s Outsiders ally Bizarro isn’t known for his smarts, but his ‘Doorway’ put the Red Hood and his team on another level.

Since his resurrection in the mid-2000s, issued former Robin Jason Todd has had a new lease on life as Red Hood, reclaiming the former mantle of the Joker as one of DC’s premiere antiheroes. His biggest role in the 2010s was as the lead of Red Hood and the Outlaws, the team book which brought together Jason and other outcasts including Artemis and Bizarro, the usually unintelligent gray-skinned Superman doppelganger. This specific iteration of Bizarro was a failed clone of Superman made by Lex Luthor but put into servitude by Black Mask. As the opposite of Superman, Lex Luthor realizes that Kryptonite actually heals Bizarro, and after doing so, the Outsiders are shocked to discover that Bizarro has become a supergenius.


Bizarro’s Outsiders Upgrades Made Red Hood an A-List Contender

red hood outsiders teleport door

in Red Hood and the Outlaws Vol 2 #14 by Scott Lobdell and Joe Bennett, Bizarro’s new superintelligence allows him to create an absurdly powerful teleporter, making it possible to go anywhere on Earth in an instant. Taking the form of an ever-present door, this teleporter uses “quantum trans-locationalism” to open portals into wherever Bizarro chooses. Bizarro demonstrates the abilities of the new device by walking the team directly into both the Batcave and the Fortress of Solitude, two of the most heavily defended locations in the entire DC Universe, with one of the Fortress’ many defenses specifically designed to stop teleportation. This one invention alone immediately made the Outlaws one of DC’s most powerful teams, but it was also accompanied by an invisible, floating base, threat prediction technology, and a fleet of advanced vehicles.

If You’ve Got it…

red hood teleport door

Red Hood is often seen as a street hero, but his ambitions with the Outsiders have always been more dramatic. Bizarro’s Doorway confirmed that Jason Todd is absolutely capable of leading a global team, hot-spotting around the planet to take on threats with an Amazon warrior who trusts almost no-one else, and a Superman clone who he effectively adopted when no-one else would. Jason may not be a superhuman himself, but he’s capable of leading them, showing that he’s not as different from his mentor as fans might assume.

Batman would likely do anything to keep Red Hood form being able to saunter into the Fortress of Solitude whenever he wanted, but if anything Jason was worried about the new level of power Bizarro’s genius gadgets gave the team, and how to use them responsibly. Sadly, Bizarro’s intelligence fades as he agrees to stop taking Kryptonite, and with it, the knowledge needed to keep the teleporter functional also fades.

Red Hood likes to be seen as the ultimate superhero rebel, but when trusted with earth-shaking allies and tech no-one else on Earth had devised, he proved himself to be a trustworthy and skilled leader. While Jason Todd and Bruce Wayne exist in a perpetual feud, Red Hoods‘s ultimate gadget confirmed that if the Dark Knight could trust his new protege, Jason could handle a way bigger role keeping Gotham (and the world) safe

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