Sharaf DG urges UAE consumers to ditch old gadgets for upgrades, cashback offers on phones, laptops

The nationwide campaign is being organized in partnership with the Dubai Shopping Festival. Families can bring old and used accessories, smartphones, laptops, tablets and other hard goods to the stores and responsibly say goodbye to their e-junk.

Working and non-working laptops can be exchanged for Dh500 for all new laptops. An additional Dh300 will be paid to customers instantly or in cash at their doorsteps.

Those seeking a home makeover can use Dh3,500 cashback exchange on appliances and televisions. The retailer also offers 50 per cent off on home and personal audio exchanges.

Sharaf DG is also giving shoppers a chance to win a brand new Tesla Model Y worth Dh197,000 this DSF, and 100 Lucky winners get an iPhone15 instantly on any purchase.

Millions of electronics are consumed and go to waste at the end of the year instead of being upcycled. “Improper disposal adversely affects the environment and leads to irreversible issues,” said Sharaf DG.

“The Biggest Buyback and the Largest E-waste Collection Drive were created to encourage individuals to help reduce the carbon footprint,” the retailer stated.

The UAE alone produces 162 kilos of e-waste every year. A whole-hearted contribution from consumers, brand partners, and educational institutions has turned the initiative into the largest e-waste drive in the region, collecting 100 tonnes of e-waste.

Sharaf DG also went paperless, encouraging customers to accept green bills over emails. “Cloth and paper bags have been introduced at all the stores to take home premium products in green covers. Additionally, stores have been upgraded with LED Lights, saving 20 per cent on energy,” said the retailer.

Sharaf DG has also promised customers it will match the prices of products that can be found at lower prices at outlets other than the retailers. An additional 10 per cent savings are also on offer with bank partners. “Sharaf DG has truly sowed the seeds for a greener tomorrow and hopes to continue making a sustainable shift through future endeavors,” said the company.