Shinseong ENG announced on the 22nd that its “air shower system technology using counterflow airflow..

Blocking the inflow of external pollutants into the room by 35% ‘Ssuk’ Improve public health by creating a clean indoor environment

Raemian Laklash with Shinseong ENG Puregate installed.
Raemian Laklash with Shinsung ENG Puregate installed.

Shinseong ENG announced on the 22nd that its “air shower system technology using counterflow airflow to reduce fine pollutants entering the entrance” has been designated as a new construction technology.

Shinseong ENG’s new technology, jointly developed with Samsung C&T, is expected to increase in usability in the future as the need for building air purification technology increases due to intensifying air pollution and the inflow of harmful substances into the room.

The new technology applied to Shinseong ENG’s Pure Gate uses a countercurrent stream generated by whirlwind nozzles and rotating nozzles to remove fine pollutants attached to visitors’ clothes or bodies in advance and block indoor inflows. The rate of blocking the inflow of pollutants into the room has been increased by 34.9% compared to the previous one, and the concentration of fine dust has been lowered by 20.9%. The biggest feature is that it blocks pollutants that have already entered the room in advance, not in a way to treat them.

It can be installed in a customized layout regardless of the shape or size of the entrance, and has a separate “bar type” module structure that improves design aesthetics. It is possible to install and apply in various forms compared to the fact that it is impossible to move and reinstall when changing the layout. It can be disassembled without a separate tool, so maintenance is simple and standardized, so you can work easily regardless of the skill level of the worker.

In addition, integrated control smart control based on user anchor driving functions and communication functions is possible through various sensor functions. It is automatically operated by central control and smart control sequences through remote communication, and it is possible to operate automatically under optimal conditions according to environmental changes, compared to the fact that only local control was possible under preset conditions.

Shinseong ENG’s new technology has shown the effect of reducing carbon emissions by 73% compared to existing technologies through high energy efficiency. As it does not emit harmful substances during the construction process, it is expected to have high competitiveness and dissemination in the air cleaning-related market. It is expected to contribute to public health improvement by creating a clean indoor environment at a time when awareness of the importance of indoor air quality is expanding and the demand for safe buildings is increasing.

The new technology was certified as a green technology product by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups in 2022. Puregate is being installed by gradually expanding the scope of use such as Dongtan Lotte Department Store and Raemian Apartment. Currently, Puregate is supplied to various spaces through Winicare, a Shinseong ENG affiliate. Indoor air care solutions, including Pure Closet, a clothing management system, are also being distributed by Winicare in Korea.

“We have been trying to create technologies to improve indoor air quality by applying semiconductor clean room technology to everyday life, and we are happy that it has been adopted as a new technology,” a Shinseong ENG official said. “We will continue R&D to maintain the cleanliness of our living space.”