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Tech Tuesday: Self-care gadgets

Tech Tuesday: Self-care gadgets


Give yourself a little extra love with the help of technology.

Digital lifestyle expert, Jessica Naziri, has some of the best self-care gadgets. Check out the list below:

DERMAPORE+ Ultrasonic Pore Extractor + Skincare Infuser Set – $109

DERMAPORE+ is a new at-home device that can perform extractions the way they were meant to be—high-tech, hands-free, and completely painless. The best part? You can enhance the efficacy of your favorite skincare products with Infuse mode. It’s a setting that helps deliver active ingredients deeper into the skin and boosts circulation with an invigorating micro-massage sensation.

It basically has the effects of a facial, but with a single handheld device.

Aura Sleep Mask – $169

Aura Circle is an innovative sleep mask that can help people with insomnia, jet lag and a means of enjoying true relaxation. Imagine waking up recharged and revitalized.

The mask is light, comfortable and can block out 100% light thanks to its design fitting perfectly around your eyes creating a leak-free seal with plenty of room for your eyes and eyelashes. The eye Hug cushion is magnetically detachable and can be hand or even machine washed.

RENPHO Shiatsu Calf & Foot Massager Pro 2 – $399.99

Treat those tired toes! You don’t have to work on your feet all day to appreciate the relaxing benefits of a foot massage. The RENPHO Shiatsu Calf & Foot Massager Pro 2 is a game changer and with heat plus three intensities, plus three pressure settings make for a delightfully relaxing combination. Also nice: It’s easily controlled by a wireless remote so you don’t even have to lean over to push any buttons. 40% OFF the Shiatsu Foot and Calf Pro 2 with code: LAMORNING

TheraCup Smart Cupping Device – $119

TheraCup smart cupping device, a professional-level therapy at the comfort of home—I was all in. TheraCup combines traditional cupping with cutting-edge ThermaVibration Technology. It brings suction, heat, and vibration together to create an easy-to-use digitized cupping experience for relief and recovery. There are also built-in safety sensors and on-device controls.