TSTC Marshall highlights online health information technology program | School News

The Texas State Technical College campus in Marshall recently highlighted the opportunities available through their online-only health information technology program.

TSTC described the health information technology program as the cybersecurity of health care. TSTC’s Interim Director of Alignment for Health Information Technology Sarah Brooks said that professionals in the career are often behind the scenes, working with patients’ information throughout their healthcare needs.

“We’re behind the scenes in health care,” said Brooks. “We take care of patients by ensuring that patient information is accessible when needed and keeping it private and secure at the same time.”

The health information technology program is 100% online and provides an opportunity to earn an associate of applied science degree, as well as two certificates of completion including a medical coding and billing specialist and medical office specialist. TSTC stated that the program can prepare graduates to work in several healthcare positions including at hospitals and in government roles.

“People in health information need to know the business side, the information technology side, as well as the health science side,” said Brooks. “Anyone in our program will take classes in all those areas.”

Brooks has experience working in hospitals including doing medical coding, staffing, and training physicians. In drawing from his own experiences in the healthcare setting, Brooks stated that the health information technology program can equip students with the skills needed to enter the growing field.

“The field is growing just like any health-related field,” he said. “With advances in technology and people living longer, we’re going to see growth in Texas as well as the United States in this field.”

The health information technology program has an estimated cost of $5,104 to $13,920 depending on the degree or certifications pursued. The program is described as preparing students to learn how health care information systems work and how they interact with providers, payers, insurers, and patients. It includes studies on health data content, legal and ethical aspects of health information, anatomy and physiology, and advanced medical coding.

The health information technology program is also an accredited program from the Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education (CAHIIM). The associate degree for the program’s accreditation has been reaffirmed through 2027.

TSTC Marshall spoke to Liza Perea, a student in the health information technology program from El Paso, who has been coding from home and looking to advance her career by entering the program. Perea said that she is eager to get her diploma from the college and plans to graduate in the Fall of 2024.

“I was a little worried about getting back on schedule and learning everything again, but TSTC made it very convenient for me to do so,” said Perea. “I can’t wait to get my diploma with my name on it that says ‘TSTC.’ I’m proud of it.”