Why Brian Gewirtz Thinks AEW Will Always Have A Home Network And An Audience

AEW’s relationship with Warner Bros. Discovery ahead of the upfronts has been a source of much speculation. As of this writing, it remains to be seen if Tony Khan’s wrestling promotion will be offered a new television deal, but former WWE head writer Brian Gewirtz believes that the promotion will remain on network television.


Speaking on “The Masked Man Show,” Gewirtz explained that Khan’s company probably didn’t have to worry about experiencing the same fate as WCW when it got canceled from Turner Broadcasting networks. While he admitted that he didn’t keep up with the AEW product, he could see that it was in a much healthier position than WCW was in the late ’90s and early 2000s.

Gewirtz said that, from what he has seen of AEW, it seems more organized than WCW was. Furthermore, he noted that “AEW Dynamite” is one of the most viewed shows on cable every Wednesday, which bodes well for the promotion of getting a new deal with WBD or landing on another network. Additionally, the entertainment landscape has changed thanks to streaming, which is another potential outlet for AEW and other wrestling promotions. “WWE Raw” is moving to Netflix in 2025, and AEW’s relationship with WBD could theoretically lead to the product being shown on MAX.


The former WWE writer was asked about AEW being compared to WCW’s final days due to his involvement in an upcoming docuseries about the latter topic. Gewirtz explained that “Who Killed WCW?” will differ from WWE documentaries about the subject matter, as it features insights from several Turner Broadcasting executives who were there when the company collapsed. The first episode will premiere on Vice TV on June 4.